Hierarchical Conf

Made with ❤️ by the Data Engineering team from QuintoAndar.

A library for loading configurations (or other metadata) hierarchically based on the current environment.

How to use


An example of how to use the library getting configurations:

from hierarchical_conf.hierarchical_conf import HierarchicalConf

hierarchical_conf = HierarchicalConf(searched_paths=[PROJECT_ROOT])
my_config = hierarchical_conf.get_config("my_config_key")


This tool retrieve the configurations from (YAML) files according to the current environment and files precedence.

It receives a list of paths and searches each one for environment configuration files in an orderly fashion, loading them when found and overwriting duplicated configuration keys by the value of the key available in the file loaded at last. The YAML configuration files are expected to be named with prefixes based on the working environment, retrieved by the value of a pre-existent operational system environment’s variable named ENVIRONMENT.

E.g.: Given the respective environments dev and production configuration files below:


foo: bar_dev
foo2: bar_dev2


foo: bar_prod
foo2: bar_prod2

and given we are at development environment (ENVIRONMENT=dev), the following code will load the configuration file from the development environment file (/my_path/dev_conf.yml).

hconf = HierarchicalConf(conf_files_paths=['/my_path/'])
foo_conf = hconf.get_config("foo")
# prints: bar_dev

Given ENVIRONMENT=production, the code above will load the configuration file from the production environment file (/my_path/production_conf.yml) and print: bar_prod.

To learn more use cases in practice (and about the keys overwriting), see Hierarchical Conf examples.